Welcome to our Million Dollar website!!! Sharon's Shining Superstars is one of the top 10 units in the #1 Area in the Pearl Seminar!!! If you are a new consultant, I am honored that you have chosen to be a part of our amazing team, and I look forward to helping you achieve your own goals and dreams. I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity that the Mary Kay career path offers YOU!

We are a unit who prides ourselves on integrity, consistency, growth, sharing closeness with one another and on coming together with a common vision of dreaming big and working together to make each of our dreams and goals a reality! I welcome you to this fantastic tool that I hope will help you retrieve information, inspiration, and motivation as you build your own Mary Kay business. I look forward to working with each one of you!

Our unit goals include the one Million dollar Unit club, which means that we will retail over one million dollars in Mary Kay products! I am looking for 100 STAR consultants and have also set a goal of having 10 brand new offspring Directors! Will one of them be YOU?.

 Sharon States

The mission of Sharon's Shining Superstars is to exhibit a commitment to excellence through independently successful businesses. To continuously stretch, learn, and grow in order to help women rediscover their passion and courage in order to influence excellence on their emotional, financial, and spiritual well being.

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